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Section - 4.1 Introduction

 Section rev Jan 1, 2011

This section describes information and reports that are avalaible. This document is broken into two sections, first the information that is most commenly made available to users, then the information that is only available to admin users.

Section - 4.2 User accessible information

 Section rev Jan 1, 2011

This image will be referanced during the first part of our discussion.

Notice that item-1 and item-2 are normally not accessabil to most users. For item-2, the number of comments is displayed but the user is not provided a way to view the developer comments or add a comment.


Item-3, allows access to the search features. This feature is currently not implimented.


Item-4, allows access to the statistics.

Wide Database Printout

Item-5, allows the user to view the entire bug database in a widecolumn format.

Bug Printout

Item-6, allows the user to view the current bug in a printable column format.

Section - 4.3 Admin accessible information

 Section rev Jan 1, 2011

This image will be referanced during our discussion.

Developer Comment

Item-1, If a user has admin or "lead" privileges, then they will be ableto see a list of developer comments associated with each bug report. In addition, they have the option of adding a new comment.

When the developer holds their mouse over one of the comments in the list, a pop up box will display the comment. Clicking on the comment will also bring up a edit screen for that comment.

Admin Menu

Item-2 additional information is available for admin or lead developersby selecting the admin link. The admin menu includes features to view and edit the entirebug data structure, user info, site info, category info, and server variables

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