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Revision History

2011 Versions

2010 Versions

Ver 2011.b - February 1, 2011

1)  Included Linux/Unix file permission info in install guide.
2)  Created permissions tool ./set-permissions.php to recursive set files.
3)  Created Svn removal tool ./remove-svn.php to recursive del directories.
4)  Enhanced help menu and admin screen security issues.
5)  Added confirmation choice before DEMO or LIVE database initialization.
6)  Added Save/archive the current database to admin menu.
7)  Fixed returning to non existent record after live db init.
8)  Implemented file uploads.
9)  Merged demo-init and live-init into init-db.php.

 a)  Each archived db is saved in a date-time stamped subdirectory.
 b)  Archives include new sub-directory "files" with uploaded files
 c)  Added "comment" field to "file" table

Fully Implemented

1)  Bug reports with all edit features.
2)  New user registration.
3)  Text statistical reports.
4)  Wide database printout.
5)  Live database setup.
6)  Demo database setup.
7)  Database archiving.
8)  Complete menu system.
9)  Customizable categories.
10)  Customizable site settings.
11)  View system vars and db structure.
12)  Private developer comments.
13)  Help system.
14)  File upload capability.

Wish List

1)  New data fields.
   a) Database structure version in site info.
   b) Buglite software version in site info.
   c) Author ID in relevant tables.
   d) Theme table and fields.
2)  Custom color and file icon for file name mouse over.
3)  Show inactive bugs choice in view menu.
4)  Customizable searches.
5)  Graphic statistical reports.
6)  Fix main view rollover issue.
7)  Theme/color choice implementation.
8)  Add date picker to fix date field.
9)  Allow user to change email and password.
10)  Improve validity checking of data, especially text area input.
11)  Show author name (reference ID) instead of ID for most screens.
12)  Upload files need to be included in archiving and save.
13)  Deactivate or delete upload file feature.
14)  file names in view.php need to be truncated to "_" not according to length.

Version "2011.c" spring 2011
...is planned to be a comprehensive database field and
structure update. A database upgrade conversion tool will be included.
Version "2011.d" summer 2011
...is planned to be a comprehensive stability update. All minor
annoyances and features will be carefully reviewed. Some maintainability issues are likely such as a universal dialog box message system and error logging.
Version "2011.e" fall 2011
...is likely to add more features such as a graphical statistics
package, and better user definable search criteria.

Ver 2011.a - January 1, 2011

1)  Fixed format error on main menu when viewed with Firefox.
2)  Implemented developer comments - Ya!
3)  General code tidy and cleaning, removed temp code snippets.
4)  Added minimal text to all help sections.
5)  Added enhanced SourceForge information page: buglite.sourceforge.net
6)  Fixed back button history problem.
7)  Fixed stat calc error for bugs fixed over 30 days.
8)  Fixed splash intro file name problem.

Ver 2010.b - November 15, 2010

1)  Fixed spelling and link errors.
2)  Improved footer section.
3)  Added revision history.
4)  Enhanced PDO and system information.
5)  Implemented SQLite integrated data manager.
5)  Site settings and edit screen.

Ver 2010.a - October 1, 2010

First full release...

Ver beta - September 1, 2010

several beta releases...

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